Canicross Ireland Constitution


1. To encourage people to work their (sled) dog in pursuits that they enjoy and are beneficial for the dog and owner.

2. The cooperation of owners and dog lovers for the good of the dogs, the exchange of views and information on all subjects appertaining to the dogs.

3. Cooperation between clubs, associations, federations, canisports and mushing organisations.

4. Participating in events which promote canine sport in Ireland.


1. The management of the organisation shall be in the hands of the Committee consisting of the President (elected annually by the committee) and a minimum of 2 other members. There will be a maximum of 10 members including officers.

2. All Committee members shall retire bi-annually but shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

3. Meetings of the Committee shall be held quarterly or additionally if necessary and should consist of a quorum of 3.

4. The President has deciding vote in the event of a split Committee vote.

5. Committee shall be elected by means of a vote at the AGM.

6. All Committee shall have the right to vote.


1. Anyone with an interest in dogs and canisport activities is eligible to become a member.

2. Membership is due on 1st September each year. If Membership dues are not paid by 31st August, membership will be lapsed. If applying for membership after 1st February, the fee shall be half the normal annual fee.

3. Your details (but not your private address) will be kept on file and may be shown on the club website, or on social media, unless you state otherwise


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