Organisation Ethics & Law


1. To promote public interest in and the understanding of canisports

2. To promote the humane and responsible care, ethical treatment, training and driving of dogs.

3. To promote to the public the importance of providing exercise to meet the needs and energy levels of dogs.

4. Never to participate in any events without the proper equipment.

5. Not to allow your dogs to roam at events, all dogs must be kept under effective control.

6. To encourage good sportsmanship and fair play in club events.

7. To treat everyone at the events with respect. No verbal abuse to dogs or people will be tolerated.

8. To use good judgement regarding the condition of the dog and yourself when choosing an event.

9. Make sure you are both in responsible shape to compete.

10. To educate the general public about the sport.

11. To share techniques, ideas and socialise with other members.

12. To represent the club with the highest regard and utmost respect.

13. To bring any (internal and/or external) grievances to the committee’s attention.

14. To make suggestions and give ideas to assist the organisation.

Review and Revision

This ethics code will be reviewed and revised on an annual basis by the ethics committee.


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